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Casa Rosa is simply just a dream...Miranda Lambert is the first female entertainer to have a honky-tonk located on South Broadway, in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Her beautiful restaurant sits in across the street from Jason Aldean's Kitchen+Rooftop Bar, and Luke's 32 Bridge Food+Drink. If you're walking by, come on in... the bold Tex-Mex/southern cuisine is fantastic, the drinks are cold, and the Casa Rosa memorabilia and merch is extensive. Stop by our gift shop. Get some new looks that will help you stand out in the crowd...even on crowded Broadway. Pick up some drink mixes, sauces, and rubs to bring the flavors of Casa Rosa home with you.

We've hand produced/selected just a few premium products that we think will help you show your Nashville pride. Or, bring a little Texas/Southern charm home with you, no matter where home is. Ordering online is fast and easy.
If you're in Nashville, or are heading our way, stop by our retail store. Here's our address and a link to directions to make it easy.


Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa • Nashville
308 Broadway Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

While our product line shows we have good taste, you can also purchase many of our "good tastes" including our TC signature sauces, drink mixes and spices, used and featured in our restaurants, from our TC Restaurant Group Online Store. Coming from the mind of World Renowned Chef Tomasz Wosiak, you can cook with the tastes of the south, and impress your friends and family.

So, who are we? We're a TC Restaurant Group owned company, with numerous locations across the country in 3 cities, operating restaurant venues in the Nashville area including Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + DrinkFGL HouseJason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop BarSun DinerLuigi’s City PizzaTequila Cowboy and Wanna B’s Karaoke Bar. We may have a few more projects currently in the works as well.


We understand that while we get a lot from the communities we serve, we also understand the importance of giving back. TC Restaurant Group frequently "Gives Back" to the community, through philanthropic giving, real estate entities, and through our restaurant partners and artists. From supporting local teachers, local law enforcement, and numerous charities, we regularly sponsor activities for those people who give of their time and energy to make world a better place.

We hope that you'll enjoy the products you find here, in our stores and the food and service you'll experience in TC Restaurant Group's numerous restaurants.

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